Call For Support: 2013 Scholarship for Sustainability in Short-Term Volunteer Work

By Henry Lin, MD and Lawrence Loh, MD MPH

The 53rd Week is pleased to announce its annual volunteer scholarship for the upcoming 53rd Week Medical Service Initiative to the Dominican Republic in December 2013.  Over the past seven years, our volunteer teams have worked in La Romana, Dominican Republic, together with the local leadership at the Good Samaritan Hospital and thirty other volunteer teams.

The collaborative model we are developing aims to improve the outcomes of short-term global health experiences and develop locally sustainable healthcare solutions.  This will be the fourth scholarship we have provided to our participants; in the past years, we have awarded two undergraduate students and one high school student. They become key members of our annual team on the ground that considers the wider questions of short-term medical experiences.

This merit and need based scholarship is awarded to a eligible high school student with an interest in global health and development with demonstrated financial need that would otherwise preclude participation in volunteer efforts. Details on joining our annual trip and how to apply for this scholarship will follow nearer to the end of the summer.

At this time, we are looking for potential sponsors to help us support future leaders in global health with an interest in promoting meaningful volunteer work abroad. Please kindly e-mail us at for donation information or should you require any additional information before supporting this valuable work. We are presently applying for 501c3 status in the United States, though the possibly of tax-exemption can be discussed with our team.

Thanks for any support you can lend.


Henry Lin, MD is Executive Director of The 53rd Week. Lawrence Loh, MD MPH is Director of Operations of The 53rd Week.

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