Summer internship opportunity

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The 53rd Week is announcing an additional opening for volunteer summer internship opportunity in global health. We are looking for motivated individuals with an interested in global health and improving the health of marginalized populations.

This annual internship will take place in La Romana, Dominican Republic. The duration will be up to four weeks with a minimum of two weeks.  This volunteer internship opportunity is not remunerated, and interns are also responsible for all costs related to this experience (including airfare, accommodation, and living expenses.)

The summer intern will have the unique opportunity to work with local leadership on healthcare-related projects while joining existing 53rd Week research projects. Current projects include the following:

1) Cost effectiveness analysis of short-term mobile medical clinic model;

2) Implementation and evaluation of a web-based platform to improve collaboration on community projects;

3) Establishment of puberty and adolescent hygiene educational program in various under-served communities

Participation in research projects is encouraged; interns taking a particularly active role on these projects will be appropriately recognized and given the opportunity to submitting their research to different venues for publication and presentation.  In addition, summer interns will have the opportunity to work with volunteer teams providing medical care to residents in underserved groups in the local community.

Desired skills / attributes:

- Understanding of research methods and qualitative / quantitative analysis

- Experience with data gathering, structured interviewing, focus group work

- Self-motivated/directed learner with proven track record

- Culturally sensitive

- Ability to work independently and in a team

- Responsible and conscientious

- Ability to work remotely with co-investigators elsewhere is critical

- Previous global health experience a plus

- Professional background in healthcare / public health preferred

For more information, or to apply, please email for more information along with a letter of motivation and current curriculum vitae.

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