As a thought leader in the field of short-term volunteering and global health activities abroad, The 53rd Week has an extensive track record in publishing the results of pilot projects, frameworks, evaluation, and literature reviews on various related subjects. 

Academic bibliography

The following list cites papers published by our team that can be found in their respective academic journals

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Other publications

We also publish other supporting, non-academic materials that can be used in the conduct of volunteer experiences abroad, which can be found below:

The 53rd Week Spanish Phrasebook

​The 53rd Weeks Spanish Phrasebook arose from our organizations work in the Dominican Republic and was developed by members of our team from the United States and our local contacts in the Dominican Republic. It contains key phrases used to conduct a history and physical examination, provide counselling on treatments and investigations, and includes a translated glossary of medical anatomy and equipment in Spanish. 

Authors: Itza Téllez, Nefer Casado, Emery Lin, Tristan Lutz, Stephanie Tucker, Henry Lin

First Edition, 2013